Monday, January 3, 2011


ACSA Presents Blake Carrington Feat. DJ Romeo

Prior to the club Blake Carrington will be at Queen's to provide a workshop on lyrics alongside his cameraman “Bobby Fresh” who will provide the editing aspect of the workshop. Later that night the videos will be streamed at the club for your enjoyment, with Blake performing alongside his DJ, DJ Romeo.

ACSA Music Workshop

First of all my biggest influence is Damien Goodwin he’s my dad, a Rapper from Buffalo, NY whose nick name is D Dot Tee. He came up in the old school era, and he had a promising career but got lost in the street life. Everything from drugs to alcohol took over my dad’s life. As I got older I saw that he wanted to change his life after being caught up in that lifestyle for so long. My dad is now 15 years clean from everything. My main influences would be; Martin Luther King jr, Malcolm X , Mohammed Ali , 2 Pac , Ray Charles, The Black Panthers, and most of all Harriet Tubman. The common thing about all these people wasn’t just their skin colour it was the dream they shared with the world and never quit until they got their dreams and point across to the world. Now I’m one of those people. I will be teaching everything I’ve learned from these heroes. Their success started with following their dream. Making an impact, and never giving up, they are the key elements in making any song successful… from writing to making the beat and even coming up with the idea.
- Blake Carrington Dare to Dream

My influences are Spike Lee as a director in so many different things and Hype Williams as a music video director. I will be talking about the different aspect of the film industry, the importance of networking, having a team, and the business side of it and my experiences plus a bio about my experiences. I have been working with Blake for some time now, and have edited, directed various videos, and performances for him, (i.e.) Goodmorning. I have also worked with Dancehall recording artist Movado, as videographer during his Canadian tour. As such I will demonstrate briefly some editing techniques I use when creating music videos. One day I hope to work with such greats as Spike Lee, and Hype Williams, and be recognized for my creativity, and forward thinking within the industry.
- Bobby Fresh Oui Self Made

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